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Ortuste & Associates Business Group is formed by Ortuste & Associates Law Firm, which has been the fundamental basis for the creation and the development of the following BPO companies:

  1. 1. Ortuste & Associates TCM Bolivia Global Debt Collection S.R.L.
    2. ZUMALI Accommodation and Events.
    3. TRAVEL TIME Receptive Tourism Operator.
    4.Ortuste Business Center

¿What is B.P.O.?
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the subcontracting of business process functions in service providers, being external or internal to the company, usually at low price places. BPO is translated into Spanish as “Externalización de Procesos de Negocios”.
The technology of information and communications has allowed that part of the work different companies do can be done at different places and also by other specialized companies at a low cost.
Nowadays, many other common functions for companies are outsourced, so they can focus on their own business and strategy. One of the strongest roles of BPO is Customer Contact Service: call centers, contact centers and customer service.
During the 27 years of service at a national and international level, Ortuste & Associates is a part of the prestigious Chambers of Bi-national trades:

At the same time, we are associated to the following prestigious companies at an international level:
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