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ORTUSTE & ASSOCIATES-TCM BOLIVIA GLOBAL DEBT COLLECTION S.R.L., provides professional service for unpaid debt charge around the world through the rigorously selected network of offices, with a demonstrable experience. It is from TCM Group International and associated to Global Debt Collection. Their main location is in Herent, Belgium. TCM Group manages the biggest net of credit businesses and collection around the world. Their offices are located in more than 155 countries, distributed in the five continents, and offer since 1987 a definite solution to companies that require specialized services for the charge of credits of any kind, including the ones with a legal support for the cases of judicial demands. This is because companies that make up TCM Group International are constantly evaluated under a process of a continuous audit, which guarantees the maintenance of the highest standards of attention, conduct, ethics and professional performance, as well as TCM Group International guarantees the integrity of the net and its excellence in the service providing into the market.
ORTUSTE & ASSOCIATES-TCM BOLIVIA GLOBAL DEBT COLLECTION S.R.L., provides all the services related to the legal area and the forensic psychiatry, and it be necessary the intervention of a lawyer and/or a psychiatrist in the case it is impossible for a professional forensic and litigant lawyer to perform their work.it is mentioned as a way of reference, that will provide assessment and/or sponsor service to legal processes of any kind like the high summary, summary, ordinary, extraordinary, coactive, executive, public and other ways; as well as administrative via and the arbitral conciliatory while providing their services for their clients at the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers and
national and international others of administrative and arbitral kind not mentioned previously, to provide their service for their clients at the Constitutional Tribunal of Bolivia, at the existing Superintendence offices and others to be created, and to provide legal service at the International Justice Tribunals, disregarding their nature; ORTUSTE AND ASSOCIATES TCM BOLIVIA GLOBAL DEBT COLLECTION S.R.L. will provide services for legal audits in all the areas of rights due to the request by public and private people in a national and international level in public and private biddings, national and international ones.
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